Memoir Electronique Interview w/ Jayoza

May 4, 2012

Memoir Electronique:  What was your mindset—musically and otherwise—in the months leading up to creating the Motorcity EP, now signed onto Liebe Detail?

Jayoza:  The whole Motor City EP was inspired by my experience in Detroit. The atmosphere, vibe of the festival and even the surrounding environment of Detroit really inspired me in a profound way. After that experience I truly understood why Detroit was so influential to many of the great electronic Artists. When I produced the music to become Motor City EP I never sat down and said “lets create a detroit EP” actually it just kind of happened organically without thinking about it. This is how I produce my music I let inspirations, my deep sub conscious guide me in my creations. With that said, Motor City EP is strange because it is not the way I DJ normally, that’s how I knew after I produced the tracks the more carefully I listened I saw & heard Detroit. “Shuffle & Repeat” on the other hand was produced before Motor City EP came to fruit. After watching Richie Hawtin play a few times, we made a dance move called the “Shuffle & Repeat” I tried to take the feeling of that dance move and transform it into a dance music track if that makes sense. It was an obvious choice to include it into Motor City EP since deep down in that is influenced by Detroit through Richie.

Memoir Electronique: You’ve received a lot of support and feedback on this new ep that you’ve recently dropped..Richie Hawtin in particular. Does he influence your sound and style of playing at all?

Jayoza: He definitely inspired my “shuffle & repeat” no wonder why he plays it out so much!  I feel so thankful & honored to have such a leader in our scene bring my music to the masses.   So big thanks to Richie for that.  I’m big on the whole Traktor thing, I feel like one can only achieve the next level live set through Traktor.  With all it’s capabilities, sorry to say but turntable dj’s are losing out!  I really respect turntablism, after all that’s what I got started on.  But let’s face it Traktor & Ableton technology is giving the artists the ability to do next level performances you just can’t really do with strictly turntables, or even serato for that matter.  Hope I did not offend anyone there!

Memoir Electronique: Seems like you have had quite the influence, and albeit this is one of your bigger releases. Do you as a DJ/Producer feel that your sound has changed since you first started producing? What type of sound are you leaning towards today?

Jayoza:   My sound has definitely changed over the years. As a DJ I started with hip hop at 12, then got into house & trance music in the hey day of the late 90′s early 00′s rave craze that went down in NYC. Nowadays I’m really into house & techno music all dimensions except the cheesy kind. It has to be groovy, funky with little symphonic melodies flying all over the place.

Memoir Electronique: Looks like you’ve always had a strong interest in electronic music. And honestly it is pretty good that you have had many diverse roots within different genres. Now tell me, what have you been up to musically in your career since the release of your first artist EP? Any artist album on the way, perhaps?

Jayoza: I have enough music produced for an album.  There is a lot of music secretly stored away in my harddrive (lol).  An album of my life’s work is definitely in the pipeline. The concept has to be finalized, a label that I feel is the right direction for me. I’m in no rush to release an album though. As in new EP’s watch out for some in the very near future.

Memoir Electronique: Honestly it does sound very promising, and congrats to you for being very conservative when it comes to releasing material..Now onto a similar topic.. you got your start working in hip-hop music. How do you feel about the mixture of hip-hop and dance music that we are seeing in the music world, especially in the U.S., today? Are we getting the best or the worst of these worlds with these constant new releases coming out?

Jayoza: Well for me if its good music its good. If it comes from the heart you can feel it because its pure. I started dj’ing with hip hop, but I also was into musicianship as well. Including playing the guitar, drums and piano. Everything from jazz to alternative rock. So my taste is very eclectic. I have respect for all genres and the mixing of them. In the end good music is good music. But if its cheesy and shit music I lose respect. That’s how I feel.

Memoir Electronique: Let’s talk about your performances at Cielo nightclub in the meatpacking district in NYC. I know from experience that you find the Cielo nightclub to be somewhat of an inspiration to you.. Was this a life changing night for you in anyway?

Jayoza: Yes Cielo was definitely a big inspiration for me.   The sound system, decor and staff are TOP.  Also the residents really know how to work that room properly.  I would have to say that they are one of if not the only nightclubs in NYC doing things “right”.  The crowd is usually there for the right reasons and are very open minded as well.  A perfect match for my sound as I like to experiment a lot with eclectic World Sounds.   Looking forward to my next gig there sometime, but for now I am working on doing some shows in slightly different venues around New York in the near future.

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